Our video stories


Cranberry story by STENDERS

In order to draw the northern nature energy and share it with others, encouraged by a sunrise we went to Lubans marsh and filled our baskets with cranberries. These healthy berries are our source of inspiration in autumn and an ingredient of STENDERS Cranberry line.

The delicious Christmas story

Celebrating the whitest holidays of the year, we decided to make gingerbread and send kind regards to our cooperation partners all over the world.


Heartwarming surprise at STENDERS boutique

Kad sniegs ir pārklājis pilsētu un ziemas vēji saldē pat zem visbiezākā mēteļa, mēs cienājam savus klientus ar īstu ziemeļu veselības dziru – siltākam ķermenim, domām un darbiem.


Feel surprised!

One day STENDERS team decided to make a surprise - while a random couple left their car in a carwash, joy and flowers were brought into their daily city life… Literally.


Give freedom to your instinct of joy!

One  magic night STENDERS team dressed up into cave men embellished with bones for celebrating Christmas in a true savage style.


Feel the snowy joy in the city

While people are still sleeping or slowly awaking for a new morning, we are taking care of some moments of smile, by placing bright and joyful snowmen in the city centre.


Women’s day

Moment after moment makes your amazing day – you can never know what will follow next! It was a beautiful day at STENDERS shop – created in honour of all women. We wanted to surprise them by giving what they liked the most.


Inspirational story by Zane Dreimane

Zane's hobby is creation of sugar roses – each fragile flower is a small, unique piece of art. The sugar flower master tells about her hobby and future plans. Watch and get inspired!


Inspirational story by Signe Meirane

Signe Meirane's childhood hobby – culinary – has turned into a successful business idea. The taste expert tells how important it is to do exactly what you like doing the most. Watch and get inspired!


Inspirational story by Agnese Kleina

The popular fashion blogger Agnese Kleina tells about her first steps of making friends with the fashion, her sources of inspiration and future vision. Watch and get inspired!


Magic of creation

Hundreds of nature-inspired and expert cherished products for your beauty are made at STENDERS factory every day. Have a look behind the production scene in order to see how some of our handcrafted products are made!


STENDERS New hair care line

After thorough research and testing we have launched STENDERS intensive hair care line – 9 new products which are special thanks to their 3D molecule combination, marine collagen, protein complex and argan oil. Sergey Merzlyakov, salon City owner and hair stylist, shares his impressions about the new line.


STENDERS Cosmetics Global 2011

We are cosmetics brand inspired by northern nature. We pay a special attention to feelings and shopping experience.