•     They opened a shop and sold home-made soap in an extraordinary way.   They used ancient Latvian knowledge in making the soap and the recipes mainly consisted of natural ingredients – plant extracts, essential oils and dried herbs. Nature was also present in the shop – flower bunches at the ceiling, various plants in gift wrapping and the so distinctive smell.
  • The shop became popular very soon. In 2003 there was not a single Christmas tree in Latvia that would not have at least one STENDERS gift box under it.   There were customers who literally fell in love with the special STENDERS atmosphere and products. They wanted their own STENDERS shop.   And they received this opportunity. This is how STENDERS started to get global.
  • The concept of STENDERS franchise was born. In following years, STENDERS faced changes that adapted the brand for different countries and cultures.   A strong team of experienced specialists from European cosmetic laboratories with stable traditions was set up.   That was the key to expanding STENDERS offer – the assortment of soaps was supple-mented by other cosmetic products, gradually filling the shop shelves with a full range of face and body care products for both everyday use and special aromatherapy rituals.
  • The changes are still in progress. Changes mean development.   In 2011, the brand found its identity –
    STENDERS is the Gardener of Feelings.