STENDERS története

The brand story consists of two parts. The first part is about the historical
person that inspired the brand. The other part is about the brand itself and
also serves as an answer to the question about Gardener of Feelings.


STENDERS brand philosophy was inspired by
a historical person Gotthard Friedrich Stender,
also known as Old Stenders – an inquisite person
born in Latvia in the early 18th century. Old Stenders
had a very broad range of interests

He wrote fairy tales, stories and poetry. He studied nature and natural phenomenon that were later on included in his books. He was especially respected for his logical insight on the world and geographical knowledge.






GARDENER is responsible for effectiveness of the products and for making valid promises. Gardener is present at the creation of products – it is STENDERS knowledge that is used to create an excellent product.






offers a variety of feelings. STENDERS shops are more than just a place that sells cosmetic products. STENDERS is a place to find energy, creative power, positive emotions, romantic mood, inspiration, peace and harmony. Each product ensures also pleasant emotions – the smell, packaging and experience during usage.


STENDERS shop assistants are not only knowledgeable about the products on STENDERS shelves; they can also offer a full recipe in response to a customer’s wish. For a truly romantic evening bath, a customer might receive an advice to pick up a playlist in the nearby music store on its way home. We share good ideas.